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State Highway
Bid Tabulation Database

The largest database of State highway contracts, items, companies, and bid tabulations.
Who We Are

What is BidTabulations?

Tool Overview

Bid Tabulations, is the most advanced commercial construction information provider for state highway contracts. Our online software gathers and analyzes all bid results and tabulations of state highway contracts within the past two decades, in select states. BidTabulations software combines the tools for historical data analysis, competitor analysis, and market opportunities listing, all in one platform to ensure our customers’ success. We have gathered thousands of construction contracts and converted them into a meaningful searchable database. BidTabulations online software lets you access historical data, including contract information, bid results, and even detailed bid tabulations, from anywhere, at any time. BidTabulations will show you comprehensive information about your company’s detailed activities, as well as your competitors. Our complex data gathering algorithms suggest the most accurate bidding price on your upcoming state highway contract!



Track Your Competitors

Track your position in the market versus your competitors by viewing every company’s historical bidding information, including winning ratio, state of involvement, and awarded contracts and dates.


View All Contracts

Search and browse all state highway contracts. Our database holds over twenty years of contract data for every state and is being updated on a daily basis. You can view basic contract information, detailed bid results with direct link to each bidder, and most importantly, the tabulations of the bids per contract.


History of All Items

Item page will display all occurrences of a specific item in all contracts including lowest and highest bid prices for each bid result. You can browse the item’s specific bids for that contract. Items may be filtered by unit of measurement and the company who bid on the item. This feature will allow you to compare the unit price of your competitors to your upcoming prices for each item.

Estimation Engine

Bidding Assistance

Our innovative estimation engine algorithm calculates the most current unit price of the item based on time, material cost, winning ratio, measurement unit, and quantity of the item. The estimated number is a great starting point for you to start bidding on your upcoming proposals!


Search Fast

Our cutting-edge autocomplete technology allows you to search millions of records in a fraction of a second. You can search item codes, contracts, companies, and upcoming Requests for Proposals from anywhere in the platform.

Leads & Predictions

Predict The Future

BidTab allows you to view all upcoming state highway Requests for Proposals. In addition to basic project information, documentation, and requirements, we provide our best estimated price, which you can use to assemble your proposals. Using our estimation engine to target your unit-price estimates on every proposal allows you to bid on projects faster than ever before!

Daily Updates

Always Updated

We believe our decisions are only as good as the information at hand. Outdated data is useless for evaluating competitive market prices and future proposal requests. BidTab uses all possible resources to get you the most accurate, dependable, and up-to-date data available. Our system executes updates on a daily basis to ensure quality information and analysis for all of our users.


View From Everywhere

BidTab provides a unique visual design. A single login and flexible filters offer the convenience of immediate access to historical construction data across the world on any device. Our software is a cloud-based web application, which adapts to your device’s screen size, giving you full accessibility of the content you are viewing.

Where We Operate?

Our Data Coverage

We are currently available in 12 states, with the following information available:

Available States:MarylandVirginiaNew JerseyIowaCaliforniaArkansasDelawareVermontColoradoOregonAlabamaKansas

Now is The Best Time!

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BidTabulations is currently at its initial stage, and is trying to help Highway Administration bidders to bid more efficiently, faster, and more aware of the market competitors. This means that we are giving new and existing construction companies completely free access to our system for a limited time. We have spent over a year building BTab's software, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

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